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  • khizar hussa : ramdhan mubarak
  • Administrato : Reading the Qur’an in Ramadan «link»
  • Administrato : Free! Subscription. Offered free Subscription during Ramadan. GoTo: «link»
  • Marian Fares : Yes I really agree that this site is so helpful to the new ppol who embrace islam I discover this side5 days ago and I was really amized and hamduliilah I found this...Thanx for the ppol who create this site may Allah reward you all for this good deeds to help more ppol toi understand Islam salamalay kum and Ramadan is so close. Allah karem inshaallah..
  • Mohsin : Brother you have done a wonderful work. May Allah reward you with success here and after.
  • Qurratul Ain : Please try this link: «link»
  • Qurratul Ain : It is working for me. Please click here for help: «link»
  • Qurratul Ain : Roeen,
  • Roeen : sorry brothers and sisters im trying to establish how every letter woruld sound but its not allowing me
  • nafees : may ALLAH help you in all ways to keep this site live forever

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